Chief Program Officer and Acting Chief Executive Officer

Angela Rosales


In April 2023, Angela Rosales assumed the role of Chief Program Officer (CPO) from Arian Buurman, interim CPO. In March 2024, she assumed the role of Acting Chief Executive Officer from CEO Ingrid Johansen.

Prior to joining SOS Children’s Villages International, Ms. Rosales led SOS Children’s Villages in Colombia for more than 12 years. During that time, she worked to innovate quality care services adapted to local contexts and centred on children and young people in her country. Ms. Rosales also led national level coalitions to advance children’s rights, leveraged the support of key stakeholders and partners, and solidified the relationship between SOS Children’s Villages and governmental agencies. Before joining SOS Children’s Villages in Colombia, Ms. Rosales worked for the UNDP, national NGOs and the government of Colombia.

The CPO focuses primarily on program implementation, quality of childcare and humanitarian response. She also leads the five International Office Regions (IORs), with Regional Directors reporting directly to her.