ICT Corners

Communication and learning in emergencies

Communication is one of the most urgent needs for refugees, displaced people and children and families in emergencies. They need access to communication channels to find and connect with their relatives and friends, plan their journeys, organise support and bridge waiting times with educational online activities they can access anytime and anywhere.

Staying connected in emergencies

SOS ICT Corners make reliable information and communication channels available to people affected by humanitarian crises. They help prevent family separation and to increase the resilience of those whose lives have been affected by emergencies through various technical services.
ICT Corners are mobile container units that can be quickly set up anywhere in an emergency situation. They are equipped to offer:

  • Free WiFi connections

  • Access to computers

  • Printing/scanning/copying services?

  • Charging stations for phones and other devices

While most of the users are refugees, SOS ICT Corners also provide an important service for other humanitarian actors on the ground. In emergency situations, other aid organisations and even government agencies without their own infrastructure set up can use the SOS ICT Corners for their urgent communications.