Benin – December 23 2022

Good practice study Benin: A clear vision makes ICT4D fly high

Since 2012, SOS Children's Villages in Benin has been holistically integrating ICT4D into their programmes. Read the good practice study on how SOS Children's Villages in Benin developed ICT4D projects in a rights-based approach. 

As the Republic of Benin has made major progress in the development of its digital infrastructure, SOS Children's Villages in Benin used the opportunity to catch up on strategically integrating internet and digital devices into its activities. While very few staff members had used computers in SOS Children’s Villages in Benin until the year 2002, technology has been incorporated into the different programme locations in employees' and programme participants' lives ever since. However, the real start of ICT4D in Benin was in 2012 when National Director Salimane Issifou carried out a study with the assistance of several internal stakeholders including children, staff in programme departments and at the National Office

SOS Children’s Villages has a clear vision for fostering ICT4D initiatives (Information and Communications Technologies for Development). Thus, the organisation has strongly supported the development of such initiatives.


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266 people, including 188 children, contributed to the study on how technology has been integrated into programmes. The result showed that although certain components of ICT4D had been implemented at SOS Children’s Villages in Benin since 2002, in 2012, due to the obsolescence of information technology, the weak integration of ICT in the subjects taught, information and communications technologies struggled to fully play their role. As a result, 18 ICT4D solutions for development were implemented, aiming at making SOS Children’s Villages in Benin a leader in the field of ICT4D.


The rights-based approach and its principle of multi-stakeholders’ participation has been a key variable that was taken into consideration while devising ITC4D initiatives. The process started with the consideration of the needs and the rights of the participants.


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