June 24 2008

SOS Children's Villages in the Philippines to distribute food to typhoon victims in Iloilo

24/06/2008 - SOS Children's Village Iloilo is not affected by Typhoon Fengshen and is taking immediate action in helping typhoon victims with shelter and nourishment.

Photo: SOS Archives
A family taking shelter in the SOS Children's Village Iloilo - Photo: SOS Archives
SOS Children's Village Iloilo is providing rice, canned food-items and noodles to the 300 families in the vicinity whose houses are still under water after the typhoon Fengshen lashed the Philippines. The affected areas are still not accessible and co-workers are trying hard to reach them. The water-level in many areas are still remaining at waist-high.

About 70 families have taken shelter at the SOS Social Centre Iloilo where they are provided with the food and essential items. These families come from the communities around the SOS Children's Village Iloilo where family strengthening programmes are being implemented. One of those rescued is a 27-day-old baby who was cheerfully received and is being cared for by the children in the village.

Photo: SOS Archives
Many areas are still not accessible as the water level is too high - Photo: SOS Archives

Electricity and telephone services are still not restored in many parts of Iloilo city. Generators are pressed into service to provide power in the SOS Children's Village Iloilo.

According to the Red Cross, Iloilo is worst-hit by the fury of the typhoon and hundreds of thousands of people had to be evacuated.

Typhoon Fengshen caused devastation across much of the central Philippines. About 160 people died in flooding and landslides, while homes, bridges and roads were washed away. The typhoon has now weakened to a tropical storm and is heading north into the South China Sea.