Interact with the digital care assistant in real life

SOS mother Purnima faces challenges with several activities and the school performance of one of her children. She decides to consult the Digital Care Assistant while working in the kitchen and opens the bot app on her smartphone.

Purnima then asks her questions. The device offers adequate answers. If none is not available, the device automatically takes a note on the "Missing Answer List" where other users can suggest answers. Purnima can also hear personalized news about the region she lives in and podcasts about health, nutrition and education. She can also communicate with other SOS mothers via voice messages that she has added to her trusted network.

The Digital Care Assistant acts as a one-stop shop that provides Purnima and other SOS mothers with timely information about parenthood that is relevant to their daily activities, as well as their ongoing training and skills development.

In addition, the Digital Care Assistant tracks family activities such as doctor's appointments, birthdays, visits from parents, etc. This is a very important function for Purnima in organizing the lives of their eight children. In the background, experts for educational content from SOS can use insights into which type of parenting questions mothers raise frequently, which answers get a “Like”, and where there are content gaps.