News by Topic

News stories about the social issues and questions that impact children and families, from education and health care, to technology, the Post-2015 SDGs, and more.

  • Youth participation

    Young people have the right to be heard and to help shape the policies that affect them. Here you can read the latest news about how SOS children are speaking out. More 
  • Education

    Every child has the right to a good eduction. Here you can read the latest news about SOS Children's Villages education programmes and initiatives. More 
  • Employability and empowerment

    Information and updates about training programmes to empower young people and disadvantaged families so they can lead independent lives. More 
  • Health care

    Access to good health care is every child's right. Here is the latest news about SOS Children's Villages health care initiatives and programmes. More 
  • Child rights advocacy

    News and updates about SOS Children's Villages' initiatives and activities to advocate for the rights of children. More 
  • Sustainable development news

    News and information about co-operations and work to achieve the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). More 
  • ICT4D

    News stories about SOS Children's Villages' ICT4D programmes to fight poverty and end inequality by increasing access to information and communication technologies, networks and knowledge. More 
  • End violence against children

    News and information about violence against children and how SOS Children's Villages works to protect and safeguard children. More 
  • Care for ME!

    News from the Care for Me! campaign, which aims to improve alternative care standards worldwide through increased knowledge and activism at national and international levels. More