Reports and Brochures

  • Annual Report 2016

    This report gives an overview of how SOS Children's Villages works with children and families around the globe towards ensuring that no child grows up alone. It includes programme statistics and financial results, highlights the outcomes and impact quality care has on children's and families' lives, and lays out the strategy that will guide us through the next decade. More on our micro-site

  • Facts & Figures 2015

    This abridged version of the International Annual Report provides a concise overview of SOS Children's Villages' programmes, global reach and financial results in 2015.

  • Annual Report 2015

    SOS Children’s Villages all over the world are integrated with local communities and work to support children at risk through a flexible range of services in care, education, health and emergency response. This report includes figures on the SOS federation's global reach in 2015, financial statistics, social return on investment, contributions to care system reforms, Sustainable Development Goals, and more. Data from the SOS Children's Villages Programme Database provides insight into factors that put children at risk of losing parental care.

  • INGO Accountability Charter Report 2014

    The third report to the INGO Accountability Charter gives account of our ongoing commitment to transparency and accountability, a cornerstone value of SOS Children's Villages work.

  • Facts & Figures 2014

    Facts about children at risk, the impact of SOS Children's Villages programmes, and the federation's financial results in 2014.

  • Annual Report 2014

    2014 Programme Statistics, Financial Results, Publications and more. 'Listen – Act’ is the theme of the 2014 International Annual Report. From cover to cover, we explore how listening, then acting, is vital to our mission of helping children and families, and in continually strengthening the quality of our work.

  • Facts & Figures 2012

    This abridged version of the SOS Children's Villages International Annual Report, provides data on our programmes, organisation, income, expenditures and global impact in 2012. Spanish

  • Annual Report 2012

    2012 was a challenging year for SOS Children’s Villages, and the economic conditions that affected the families we help feature strongly in this International Annual Report. Spanish

  • Annual Report 2013

    Reporting on the programmes, organisation, income, expenditures, partners and global impact of SOS Children's Villages International in 2013. Also featured is 'Child at the Crossroads', our special report on risks and outcomes for children in need.

  • Who We Are

    Read more about the history, mission, vision and values of SOS Children's Villages. Spanish French German

  • Annual Report 2010/11

    Devastating earthquakes and floods, new programmes for children and families, and major achievements in our advocacy work – our Annual Report 2010/11 shows the scope of SOS Children's Villages' activities around the world. Spanish

  • INGO Accountability Charter Report 2013

    This second report to the INGO Accountability Charter provides information on how our accountability commitments are lived up to in all areas such as programme effectiveness, financial management, human resource management or fundraising.

  • INGO Accountability Charter Report 2012

    Our first report to the INGO Accountability Charter demonstrates the organisation´s commitment to transparency, accountability and effectiveness. It outlines how we develop as an organisation, so that we can remain viable and serve our most important stakeholders – children in need.

  • Annual Report 2008/09

    In 2009, SOS Children's Villages was faced with great challenges. Defying the financial crisis, contributing to the "UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children," and preparing for rebuilding Haiti for the children are just some of the accomplishments we managed to accumulate by the end of the year.

  • Facts & Figures 2013
    Facts & Figures 2013

    This abridged version of the SOS Children's Villages International Annual Report, provides data on our programmes, organisation, income, expenditures and global impact in 2013.