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No child should grow up alone

Become an SOS Children's Village sponsor to enable children and young people to grow up with the bonds they need to develop and become their strongest selves.

When you sponsor a village, you will receive a photo and a short description of theprogramme you support, as well as detailed information on the country where the programme is located. In addition, you will receive a letter twice a year informing you of recent events at the village, which also covers basic up-dated information on the programme location and all other facilities.

As a village sponsor you help all children and young people in this programme location and support health, social and educational programmes in the community.

All data is encrypted and transmitted via a secure SSL connection. Rest assured that SOS Children's Villages treats the data of all childre and young people in our programmes as well as your data confidentially – always.

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We are happy to assist you in sponsoring or donating through your national SOS Children's Villages association.

Alexandra Fuchs
Donor Services Coordinator
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All data will be encrypted and transmitted via an SSL connection. SOS Children's Villages will treat all data with as highly confidential.