Care for ME! Quality Care for Every Child

Care for ME! is the first global advocacy campaign by SOS Children’s Villages. It strives to improve the lives of children without parental care or at risk of losing it and is active in many countries worldwide. As part of the campaign, each participating country assesses whether the national alternative care system complies with the UN Guidelines for Alternative Care of Children.

Through these assessments it has become clear that there is often a gap between policy and practice, leaving children in vulnerable situations when the system fails to fulfil its obligations.
The assessment of each country functions as the basis for national and international advocacy for positive change -- so that every child can grow in a family environment where they are loved and respected, and where they can learn and realise their rights.               

Care for ME! takes a different shape in each country, as the national assessment reports identify different change priorities for each country, based on their specific contexts.

The campaign covers different critical topics, such as: adequate implementation of the UN Guidelines, gate-keeping, violence against children and child care system reform (also known as de-institutionalization).

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