Lake Chad displacement crisis

SOS Children's Villages supports displaced children and families in the Diffa region. Photographer: Vincent Tremeau

Millions of people have been displaced by unrest in the Lake Chad basin. Niger and Nigeria face a particularly severe displacement crisis, with devastating effects on children.

Latest news

Violence and unrest have forced mass displacement in the Lake Chad region. Niger's Diffa region is hosting 300,000 refugees or internally displaced people, according to UNICEF. In Borno state, the neighbouring region in Nigeria, 1.4 million people have been internally displaced. More than half of all refugees and internally displaced people in the region are children.

Our response

SOS Children's Villages has been assisting displaced children in families in Niger's Diffa region since 2015. To respond to the growing need, emergency response activities are being extended in Niger, and a new programme is being established in north-eastern Nigeria in 2017.

SOS Children's Villages activities in the region include:
Emergency-icons-CFS-40x40-(1).jpg Child Friendly Spaces for children and families
Family-reunification-(1).JPG Family reunification support for children who were separated from their parents
ERP-education40x40.jpg Educational activities such as early childhood and primary school classes, vocational training, and training and resources for teachers
Medical-support40x40-(1).jpg Health services and capacity building to support disease prevention and primary care
Food-water-NF040x40-(1).jpg Food and nutritional supplements for young children, along with pregnant and breastfeeding mothers
ER-icon_Pink-40x40.jpg Early recovery support to help families recover their livelihoods