SOS Children’s Villages ensures that children grow up with the care, protection and relationships they need to become their strongest selves (photo: SOS Children’s Villages Jordan).

Officially the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, a semi-arid country in Western Asia that is home to 11 million people. Referred to an “oasis of stability”, Jordan’s population includes more than 3 million refugees fleeing from conflicts from Syria, Palestine, and Iraq. The arrival of refugees has placed substantial strain on national resources, public services, and infrastructure. Since more than half of the country consists of desert, around 80% of Jordan’s population lives in urban areas. Similarly, around 80% of refugees are based in urban areas, where they are amongst the most vulnerable as their access to aid is not guaranteed.

SOS Children’s Villages has been supporting children and young people without parental care, or at risk of losing it, in the Jordan since 1986.

Children are at risk

Over a third (38%) of Jordan’s population is made up of under 18s, this means there are 4.3 million children. Poverty continues to shape the lives of many children. Children from low-income families are often forced to work, resulting in them ultimately dropping out of school. Children who are living as refugees in Jordan are especially vulnerable: 85% live below the poverty line and 94% experience deprivation.
Children are forced to work in the Jordan

Child labour

Of the 150,000 children engaged in child labour in Jordan, at least 60% work in dangerous environments. This includes working on the streets, operating dangerous machinery and lifting heavy loads. They work long hours, and /or in unhealthy living conditions. Poverty is a main reason why children have to work. Most of them ultimately drop out of school. Child labour robs children of their childhood. It deprives them of their education and rights, exposes them to violence and to physical and mental harm.

Of children suffer neglect

Children suffer neglect

Around 16% of Jordanian children are badly affected by the absence of supervision and nurturing by their parent. This includes physical and emotional neglect, being unable to care for a child or provide for their basic needs, and exposure to physical violence. Many children are left feeling that their parents do not care about them and/or that they are worthless. This significantly impacts their future.

1 in 5
Children live in poverty in Jordan

Children live in poverty

Poverty is high in Jordan: 16% of the Jordanian population lives below the national poverty line. Around 23% of the population is unemployed. Poverty is mostly found in rural areas, where households are bigger and there are fewer opportunities to make a living. The problem is significantly worse for children from families who have moved to Jordan as refugees: 85% live below the national poverty line.

Together we can make a difference for children in Jordan

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SOS Children’s Villages works to protect the rights and privacy of children. As you may notice, we do not show any identifiable photos of children in general information about Jordan. This is because we have limited permission from the children and/or their legal guardians (photo: SOS Children’s Villages Jordan).

Let’s keep on protecting children and young people!

Many children have been able to find a safe and secure home. With your help, we can continue to change their lives