Region: Africa

These are the latest stories from places in Africa where SOS Children's Villages is working to help children and families in need.

  • Changing childhoods and futures through family strengthening

    29.08.2017 - Martin Chada recalls how his family’s life changed when his mother enrolled in SOS family strengthening eight years ago. More 
  • Young Africans call for increased career opportunities

    25.08.2017 - ADDIS ABABA - The Pan-African Youth Empowerment (PAYE) Conference gave 150 young people from 47 African countries the opportunity to meet with and learn from representatives from international and Pan-African institutions, corporations and academia. More 
  • Photo essay: World Humanitarian Day

    18.08.2017 - SOS Children’s Villages works year-round to help children during emergencies, a time when a child most needs care and protection. More 
  • Empowering young people to break the cycle of poverty and exclusion

    11.08.2017 - This year’s International Youth Day (12 August) celebrates young people’s contributions to conflict prevention, inclusion, social justice, and sustainable peace. More 
  • With the help of SOS Children’s Villages hospital in Mogadishu, a young mother gives birth to twins

    07.07.2017 - Hawa’s twin daughters are not yet a year old, yet there is already reason to celebrate. Born prematurely and weighing barely a kilogram each at birth, their survival was uncertain. More 
  • "I have been equipped with the necessary skills I need"

    29.06.2017 - In an interview, Masresha Esayas speaks about how her childhood at the SOS Children’s Village in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, has laid the foundation for her future and about the importance of education and encouragement. More 
  • International Day of the African Child

    16.06.2017 - Children in Africa are particularly vulnerable to falling behind in the global development agenda laid out by the Sustainable Development Goals. If global inequality is not urgently addressed and the rights of children in Africa are not upheld and guaranteed, the lives and the future of these children are at risk. More 
  • Photo essay: Families struggle for survival in drought-stricken northern Kenya

    07.06.2017 - SOS Children’s Villages has mobilised emergency relief programmes to address the needs of children and families in four East African countries who are struggling with drought and food insecurity. More 
  • Young family in Tanzania gets a new start on life

    24.05.2017 - When families are suddenly confronted with multiple challenges, they may see their long-term well-being and their children’s development, education or health at risk. In Tanzania, SOS Children’s Villages works with parents like Judith, whose husband died and whose son requires special medical treatment, to strengthen families. More 
  • Creating a home for children in South Sudan

    04.05.2017 - SOS parents play a central role in creating emotionally stable and resilient relationships and a secure and nurturing home for children who have lost parental care. In this video, Mary Gwang, an SOS mother in South Sudan, shares how she cares for her SOS family in Juba every day. More