Global Report on Children Impacted by Child-Family Separation

(forthcoming May/June 2024)



Building a better understanding of the issue of child-family separation – including which children are most at risk of separation, why they are separated and how this issue is addressed – is crucial to ensure that appropriate interventions are implemented: they should reach the children who are most adversely impacted, addressing the most relevant issues with suitable responses and preventative measures.

We live in a world where many children are separated from their families. This separation can negatively impact their well-being and development. While some of these effects are known, there remain significant gaps in understanding the factors that lead to children being separated from their families, which children are most at risk of child-family separation, what is their experience of this issue and how responses to it can be strengthened. Furthermore, there is lack of understanding how this varies across different country contexts over time. This report explores some of these key evidence gaps, with a view to informing more relevant and effective responses. 


The multi-method research includes a desk review, participatory creative methods with children, young people and family members, and interviews and a survey with professionals from the child protection system and related sectors. 

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