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Empowering young people and improving their employment prospects





The GoTeach partnership between the DHL Group and SOS Children’s Villages is creating real change for young people in a growing number of communities worldwide – thanks to a strong commitment from the DHL Group and its employees.

SOS Children’s Villages International and the DHL Group are partnering to empower young people aged 15-25 from across the world to help them build job skills and get ready for employment or entrepreneurship. The partnership was launched under the umbrella of the Group’s ‘GoTeach’ programme in 2011 and has since been expanded to 55+ countries.  

In the GoTeach programme, employees of DHL Group volunteer to mentor young people in their transition to the world of work. They share their own professional and personal experiences and seek to inspire and motivate young people to take their first career steps.

Basing on extensive research and feedback, GoTeach has designed its offer to best support young people in finding full-time employment. The minimum requirement for each participant group is to complete at least three interventions (see table below) in a year. The available interventions are grouped in three areas: “Expose”, “Explore” and “Practice”. With this holistic approach, GoTeach aims to increase the employability prospects of young participants by equipping them with diverse critical skills.

Young people's voices

A growing long-term partnership

Since GoTeach was first launched in 4 countries in 2011, it has expanded to 55+ countries worldwide and is now creating opportunities for young people in:



Burkina Faso, The Gambia, North Macedonia, Venezuela 


Namibia, Philippines


Rwanda, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Angola, Ukraine




Argentina, Serbia, Nicaragua, Senegal, Lesotho


Benin, Bolivia, Burundi, Cape Verde, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Lebanon, Mali, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, Ivory Coast


India, Sweden, Syria


Tanzania, Nigeria


Indonesia, El Salvador, Thailand, Colombia, Paraguay, Mauritius, Swaziland, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Lithuania


Ethiopia, Uganda, Jordan, Morocco, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica


Ghana, Kenya, Mexico


Madagascar, South Africa, Vietnam, Brazil


Go Teach Reflections

10 years of partnership between SOS Children’s Villages and DHL Group

The partnership between SOS Children’s Villages and DHL Group supports young people on their way to independence and to becoming active members of society. In the past ten years, we have achieved tremendous global impact in the frame of GoTeach by empowering vulnerable young people and providing them with the necessary experience and self-confidence to take control of their future and to build stable and independent adult lives.

The GoTeach partnership is currently in its 13th year and has reached more than 37,000 young people and engaged almost 10,000 volunteers so far. Find out more about Go Teach

Every year, the GoTeach Facts and Figures Report is published that details the number of young people who participated in the GoTeach activities, the number of volunteers and the hours they dedicated to supporting young participants. You will find the reports below:


Building on experience and success


Based on the successful GoTeach partnership, SOS Children’s Villages has worked with a range of partners to develop YouthCan!, a global youth employability platform aimed at preparing young people for employment and independence. 
YouthCan! offers an opportunity for corporate partners to invest in young people and help them build skills and capacities, at the same time contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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If you have any questions about our partnership with DHL Group or GoTeach, please contact our International Corporate Partnerships team.

Ms Susanne Novotny
DHL Group Partnership Advisor
Tel: +43 (1) 368 24 57-2199